Improve the online customer experience.

The Objective.

As the result of a price change in a regulated market a significant number of customers of a large business equipment provider had to upgrade their products to make them compliant. This activity posed particular problems for this company as it had to upgrade its customers in a very short space of time.

The company had the option of making better use of the Internet to enable customers to self-serve however customers tended to avoid using the company website in favor of calling into its contact center. This would put a strain on resources because of the very short window and the large volume of potential calls into the business.

The company wanted to improve the online experience for its customers so that they could complete their product upgrades online with the least amount of involvement from the business. Only calling into the contact centre when queries could not be answered on the website.

Our approach

We had meetings with key stakeholders from various business units including customer services, marketing and IT to discuss and agree objectives, requirements, roles and responsibilities.

We researched and reviewed past activity, including interviewing frontline staff and accessing customer feedback in order to understand why customers seemed to prefer to call and to get a full and complete understanding of the different aspects of this major activity…good and bad.

The research highlighted the difficulty customers had with accessing relevant information in order to be able to successfully upgrade their products.

We review the website content questioning its ability to deliver the required objectives namely to allow customers to quickly get the information and applications they needed to enable them to carry out actions to ensure their products met the recommended requirements.

The results

We created a new and improved website experience delivering the following

The changes implemented delivered significant improvements resulting in 80% of enquiries being resolved on line, the hightest number on record and a 30% improvement on the previous year.

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