Increase the visibility of our product range in the search engine space.

The Objective.

A large international organisation that sells office equipment and supplies to a wide range and size of businesses saw an increase in feedback from its sales group that its products could not be found when searched for on the web. Of particular interest was how this would happen when their sales reps were with clients.

Simply put they taksed us with increasing the visibility of their product range in the search engine space.

Our approach

We held meetings with channel and business managers to help them understand how search engines work including the difference between Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine results and Organic search engine results. And to agree requirements, objectives, key metrics and budget for their UK and ROI websites. We also drew up a tactical marketing plan agreeing what tactics will be used and when.

In addition to the early meetings we held monthly review meetings to keep track of progress, discuss new campaigns, any issues and monitor return on investment.

As the websites were hosted and managed in the US we worked with the international web development teams to create the various plans such as the project, technical and on-page plans that would enable us to implement search engine optimization (SEO) across both the UK and ROI websites to time and budget.

We conducted in-depth analysis of the target websites specifically looking at on/off-site and on-page techniques such as the sites technical structure, content including how keywords were being used and backlinks. We also reviewed the company’s performance for the required keywords in the major search engines and that of key competitors.

Having carried out the research and analysis we created a document with instructions for the technical changes that needed to be made to the website along with recommendations for content that would make it more search engine friendly and promote the relevant pages in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

We then helped the company implement the changes to their websites working with them to re-organise directories, re-write code and general troubleshooting. We also worked with them to generate relevant engaging content that would be used to create quality links back to the website that would in turn push rankings higher organically over time.

The results

The technical and content changes that were implemented quickly changed the opinion of the sales group as it was now possible to use the search engines to find and show products to prospects and customers. More importantly it was also possible for the companies customers and prospects who, now had a better chance of finding them in the search space with significant improvements in search engine exposure equating to a 150% increase in visibility in the top spot of number one. Furthermore this new exposure drove an additional increase of 40% in new visits to the website.

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