Email increases awareness and improves online registrations.

The Objective.

Having refreshed its Public Sector website with a new look and feel, information, processes and tools so as to make it easier for Public Sector clients to do business with them via the Internet. A large multi-national organization that provides technology solutions for small, mid-size and large organizations wanted to promote the new website strengthening its position in the market place as a leading supplier.

The organisation wanted to improve awareness of its Public Sector website and increase registrations for discounts, online news and events and decided to use email marketing to do this.

Our approach

We undertook meetings with segment leadership teams to understand requirements and agree goals.

Working with key stakeholders we researched the target audience and created some key objectives that the email campaign would have to deliver. These key objectives would primarily ensure that:

Having identified the objectives we set out to design and build a set of emails making sure that careful consideration was given to the primary creative message, the relationship between that and other messages and the overall visual look and feel of the emails.

We also took into consideration elements outside the main body of the email such as deliverability, list creation, subject lines, text only emails and undertook A/B split testing in an effort to maximize the impact of the campaign

The results

By engaging key stakeholders early on, keeping them involved in the project and taking a structured approach to creating and executing the campaign we ensured that we met the objectives that we had initially set out.

We achieved average open rates of 20% which could be attributed to stronger subject lines that were developed based on a better understanding of the target audience through A/B split testing. By creating more engaging content we were able to improve the volume of relevant traffic to the public sector website by 30% and increase registrations for online news, discounts and events by 10%.

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