Internet Strategy

A single view, a unified approach, connected activities, an exceptional experience.

Deliver more!

Understanding the connections between business objectives, Internet channels and customers, and bringing them together delivers great rewards in addition to positioning the Internet as a key lead generation channel.

Improve experience!

Customers seek to fulfil a need, want or desire. Taking a structured approach to providing information, removing all barriers to access and making it easy to achieve objectives leads to improved online experience.

Website Design

Improve experience! Simple, bold, strong, relevant communications propel uptake of online services.

Email Marketing

Gone are the days of spray and pray.

Create awareness!

A carefully prepared campaign taking into consideration all aspects of email marketing including deliverability, segmentation, creative and A/B split testing delivers a great experience that raises awareness and increases registrations.

Increase visibility!

Improvements to the search engine triage, that is, website structure, website content and third-party website content increases search engine rankings and connects customers with information driving website visits.

Search Engines

Sound technical structure, great content, exceptional experience.